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Project Баня Котляково - cost of a wall kit 4 577 000 rub.

Construction of the wooden houses and saunas of the Polar pine "Kelo"

Баня Котляково

Log house set

The Log House walls set
€4 577 000
Order project
  • Harvesting of dry standing Arctic Pine «Kelo»;
  • Manufacturing the wall set and all the log elements of the structure;
  • Marking the logs of the wall set;
  • Delivery of the logs wall set to the construction site;
  • Unloading the trucks;
  • Assembly of the log house on site, carpenter work,installation of the whole structure including insulating tape and insulation between the logs, nails, screws and all other fixing materials.
Basic Price for the Complete Log House
Order project

Preparing the project documentation

Adaptation of the initial project, including development of the facades and plans.


Making the Foundations in iron reinforced concrete for all the perimeter of the structure including supporting walls (according to local rules and regulations).


Making the Inner and Outer sewage networks (according to the local rules and regulations).

Wall set

  • Log walls set is made of dry standing Arctic Pine «Kelo»;
  • Log insulation is either flax or thermally treated jute of 10-20 mm;
  • Wood nails of square section are made of dry standing pine or oak;
  • Threaded rods are 8-10 mm and adjustable compensators.

House floors

Thickness of the iron reinforced concrete floor slab: 200 mm.


  • Assembly of the roofing structure includes fasteners, dry beams, vapor barrier, waterproof membrane and thermal insulation;
  • Installation of roof covering material which is larch shingles;
  • Installation of gutter and water evacuation pipes from the roof.


Wooden windows: pine profile, triple glazing, «Roto NT» fittings, «Deventer» seals, «Gutmann» weather bars, «Zowasan paint, including extensions, architraves and windowsills from planed boards.


Pine, «Roto NT» fittings, «Deventer» seals, «Gutmann» weather bars, «Zowasan» paint, including extensions, architraves and windowsills from planed boards.

Wall decoration

Grinding the logs ends and impregnating them with Tikkurila Valtti Puuoljy oil. Cutting the excess jute and filling the gaps.


Making the terrace base structure, including fireproof and biosafe treatment of the timber.


Staircases, Stove/fireplace, Electrical wiring and fittings, Heating, Basins or swimming pool, Plumbing, Architectural lighting

As agreed.

Finishing of the ceilings and drip caps, flooring

Options: dry standing arctic pine, dry standing cedar, ash wood or oak boards.

Order project

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