Construction of the wooden houses and saunas of the Polar pine "Kelo"

We’ll build an ecologic house from a natural material — dead-standing Polar pine — for you.

We build from Kelo

Arctic pine also named «Kelo» is a unique building material produced by nature itself. Only pine that has grown within the Arctic Circle has a high density required for «Kelo». When a tree reaches a respectable age, it dries out, standing on the vine for decades. During this time, the harsh climatic conditions of northern latitudes make it even stronger. As a result, over hundreds of years of work, nature presents us with this amazing and very rare material.
No shrinkage. It helps to save time on construction.
No need for any chemical treatment. It saves your money and health.
Natural color and constant scent of the wood that lasts forever.
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Architectural booklet

The project will be designed specifically for you from scratch from a pencil sketch to interior design with a plan to install furniture.

Архитектурный проект

Kelo from the manufacturer

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We are constantly developing our production and at the moment:

Our masters have at their disposal two tower cranes, two powerful truck cranes and a manipulator. In the forest we are equipped with quad bikes for harvesting in the summer and snowmobiles for harvesting in the winter.
A solid supply of dry pine polar on its own production site in Karelia on a territory of more than 4,000 m2, equipped with a video surveillance and security system.
Woodworking workshop for the manufacture of finishing materials and the furniture workshop uses Altai dry cedar, Krasnoyarsk larch and Voronezh oak.

Sing up for a tour of our production site


In over 10 years we have built more than 100 large and small objects in different parts of our country and abroad.


Step 1
First encounter
We can come to your land plot or meet you in our office in Moscow
Draft a technical task and sign the agreement for project development
3-4 hours
Step 2
Project development
Architecture studio of Vitaliy Angatkin in Moscow
Architectural project with layout and furniture arrangement
3-4 weeks
Step 3
Timber works
Production site in Petrozavodsk
Ready-to-build wall set
3-4 months
Step 4
Assembly and finishing
Your land plot
Foundation, roof, utilities and finishing works
3-4 months
Step 5
Housewarming party
Your house
Letting the cat into the house first is a good tradition
3-4 minutes

We love what we do

For more than ten years, Artel «Danila, Makar and Brothers» has been working on projects of innovative wooden houses. During this time, more than a hundred objects were built around the world. Today, the Artel team consists of dozens of highly specialized craftsmen who are not afraid to set tasks for themselves, the performance of which is not accessible to the overwhelming majority.

Мы любим то, что мы делаем
25 years warranty on our homes and their service.
Мы любим то, что мы делаем
A company with 10 years of experience in different climatic conditions from Kamchatka to London.
Мы любим то, что мы делаем
Every second home in Russia of Kelo pine is built by us.
Мы любим то, что мы делаем
We carry the year-round harvesting of polar pine and the continuous manufacture of log cabins.

Video reviews

Sauna with a swimming pool. Project overview
Wooden House by the Pond. Dream house far from civilization
Sauna in protected areas
Артель «Данила, Макар и Братья» – на главной онлайн-журнала "Деревянные дома"
“Russian Australia” – a sauna complex with colourful aesthetics
Association of wooden house builders “EKOSOYUZ”


7 премий в российских и международных конкурсах
7 премий в российских и международных конкурсах
7 премий в российских и международных конкурсах
7 премий в российских и международных конкурсах
7 премий в российских и международных конкурсах
7 премий в российских и международных конкурсах

Try on a project you like

During this meeting we will discuss following aspects:

- Points of the compass
- Legislation requirements
- Technological part
- Elevation of land plot

The best way to place the building

A well
Sewage system
Running water

The best way to build utility systems
The best way to plan your landscape

We value your time and invite you to discuss your future house or sauna at any place suitable for you. Our architect will come and answer all your key questions


It is time to make your first move!

You can schedule a meeting at your land plot, at our production site in Petrozavodsk or can take a look at our completed projects in the Moscow region. Meet our team and get to know more about Arctic pine. Just call +7(495)640-03-80.
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