We’ll build an ecologic house from a natural material — dead-standing Polar pine — for you.

In over 8 years we have built 87 big and small log houses in various parts of our country and abroad.


31 m2
Parkville sauna
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44 m2
Oravaniemi sauna
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56 m2
Istra Hills sauna
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38 m2
Nekrasovo sauna
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42 m2
Istra Country Club sauna
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187 m2
Voskhod-3 house
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112 m2
Istra Hills house
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99 m2
Reschniki sauna
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82 m2
Fominskoe sauna
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45 m2
Valday guest-house
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Choose a project you like and we will develop a customised solution for you on the basis of it. If you haven’t found anything that suits you, you can contact us and we will offer you an alternative!
Today the artel «Danila, Makar and brothers» is:
production sites
and facilities
units of special
Logging arctic pine all year round and continuously produce timber.
Developing individual projects within 45 days
Conducting construction from start to finish
Producing any finishing materials within 5 days
Avoiding excessive bureaucracy
Always ready to come and solve the problems regardless of the time passed since the house completion
Step 1
First encounter
We can come to your land plot or meet you in our office in Moscow
Draft a technical task and sign the agreement for project development
3-4 hours
Step 2
Project development
Architecture studio of Vitaliy Angatkin in Moscow
Architectural project with layout and furniture arrangement
3-4 weeks
Step 3
Timber works
Production site in Petrozavodsk
Ready-to-build wall set
3-4 months
Step 4
Assembly and finishing
Your land plot
Foundation, roof, utilities and finishing works
3-4 months
Step 5
Housewarming party
Your house
Letting the cat into the house first is a good tradition
3-4 minutes

About Arctic pine also named «Kelo»

No shrinkage. It helps to save time on construction.
No need for any chemical treatment. It saves your money and health.
Natural color and constant scent of the wood that lasts forever.

It is time to make your first move!

You can schedule a meeting at your land plot, at our production site in Petrozavodsk or can take a look at our completed projects in the Moscow region. Meet our team and get to know more about Arctic pine. Just call +7(495)640-03-80.
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